Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memoirs of an Alien


I’m writing my story to the inhabitants of Earth. I came to your planet because of an accident. I explored this blue sphere and remained incognito. I found your home fascinating with many surprises. Based on my exploration and study I came to several conclusions. To fully disclose these revelations I chose to use a write a memoir.
Remember as you read this that I came from an alien planet. My discourse is entirely a way to communicate and to try to explain what I discovered here.
We were in our spaceship traveling to a small planet that had entered our galaxy. Our probe discovered a form of life on the planet. From our calculations the planet was drawn into its present position by what you earthlings call a Black Hole.
We decided to send a spaceship to visit and land on the planet. We were approaching the planet when things went wrong. The Black Hole was surging with an unusual force of gravity causing our ship problems on its trajectory. Our space ship lurched and our lights blinked rapidly.
Our planet is many light years from the Black Hole but our technology is far advanced from yours. We have achieved space travel approaching the speed of light and therefore we made the journey quickly. We also use an advanced form of hibernation during travel.
We had been monitoring the Black Hole for many of your Earth years and this sudden surge of gravitational pull has never occurred. To continue, the spaceship was slowly being sucked into the swirling vortex. We tried everything we could to break free but our attempts met with failure. The ship was resisting the gravitational force pulling the craft into the black swirling vortex. The groans were shouting through the shell. The anti gravity drive was pulsating trying to resist the force of the black hole. The three of us were frantic, trying every trick we could think of to break free. We feared the worst.
We prepared and we thought that our lives would end soon. I looked and saw the blackness drawing us in. There were three of us on this mission. We tried to send transmissions to our planet but the communication system had broken down.
We had little time and we all placed ourselves into the hibernation units to avoid any pain of death. We were certain the gravity would tear us apart. I lay in the unit and closed the lid. The fluid filled, covering me, I prayed as I slowly succumbed.
I awoke from hibernation after I had set the unit for six months. I quickly checked my teammates units and they both were dead. The reason for this wasn’t apparent. I was scared and yet remorseful for my dead friends. I went to the command bridge to check out the spacecraft.
The command console was lit up. The red, yellow, blue, and other vibrant colors were reflected in the ships cockpit window creating a depth reaching into outer space. The ship was functioning but many of the operations were destroyed. The main propulsion unit wasn’t functioning. The life support operated but there was considerable damage to the exterior of the vessel. I scanned the outside and saw damage to the outer skin. I did find that the landing thrusters were still functional.
I did a scan of the area I was in and it was a galaxy unknown to me. So there I was in a compromised space ship in a galaxy that was light years from my planet. I assumed that the Black Hole somehow carried me and the spaceship into another time and place.
On the craft we have an advanced scanner that can search an area in a star system. I activated the scanner and was looking for a place or planet to land. I wasn’t very confident when I found your solar system. Then, my spirits lifted.
The scanner revealed the existence of your Earth. It appeared to have water which like my planet is necessary for any kind of life. I set a trajectory for Earth. With my landing thrusters it would take a year in your Earth time to reach your planet. If the main engine had been functional it would have been traveled in three days. I lay in the hibernation unit after ejecting my comrades into space. I shed a tear seeing my friends being sent into deep space.
A year to the second passed as the unit woke me from hibernation. I set the trajectory to arrive 100,000 miles from your planet. I used the scanner again to view the surface of Earth. The blue globe looked beautiful. I was getting excited to search your planet. I found, using the magnification adjustment, there were intelligent beings on your planet. I also saw many clusters of concentrated dwellings.
I also saw many different forms of life forms on the surface. I admit though I was a bit apprehensive not knowing what to expect. I viewed what I thought was weapon exchange at certain locations on the scan. Certain areas of your globe seemed to be in turmoil.
I did see different types of crude aircraft at low altitudes. And I spotted quite a few orbiting objects of some type. I guessed that your civilization had ventured into space. They appeared to orbiting communication modules of some kind.
I selected an area that seemed peaceful yet close to large concentrations of your inhabitants. It was a mountain range and it was located in the area you call Colorado.
I decided to enter he area at nightfall. Not knowing the reception I would receive I used the shuttles stealth mode and slipped in unnoticed. I found a meadow and landed the shuttle.
I was ready to explore Earth

I checked the atmosphere outside my spacecraft and I was surprised that that it was breathable. I opened the hatch and was surrounded by many varieties of trees and shrubs. The meadow I landed in was green and smelled good. After I hid the ship I was ready to see your world. Boarding my shuttle pod the adventures began.
I had taken a few items from my craft that would be useful. I had a locator module that fit on my belt buckle. It would direct me back to the hidden space ship. I attached a molecular diffusion device to me belt. I had a force shield that would protect me during my exploration. The day was beginning to awaken so I was anxious to find out about this place.
I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the mountain I was on. Your Sun peeking over the top of the mountain was a breathtaking sight. The rays of red and yellow shafts stretching over the white snow at the top of the mountains revealed the beauty, which was breathtaking.
My planet has hills and snow but not mountains. We have trees and grass and different types of plants. But these trees were magnificent that surrounded me. I felt peaceful watching the day take hold and thought I’m beginning to like this place.
I came across some strange looking beasts. There were twenty or more grazing in a meadow as I approached. Their heads shot up and their heads pointed at me. They had long round things coming out of their heads that ended in sharp points. Some had many of these things and some less. Then suddenly they bolted and ran away. They were lovely creatures, gracefully moving as one across the meadow.
I continued my trek through the trees and meadows moving down the mountainside keeping the pod close to the ground moving slowly. I came to a path cut through the trees. It was a hard surface about twenty feet wide. Parking I left the shuttle and reached down and felt the surface. It was hard and black.
I heard a loud noise coming from around the curve. Hiding the pod behind some bushes a strange transportation craft appeared. It was rumbling along the path with wheels. There were two beings in the front of the cab controlling the craft. The inhabitants were similar to me in appearance. It looked as if one was controlling the craft. The vehicle was old and dirty with rust embedded at various places. It had trash and debris in the back. I thought what an unclean craft.
They passed and I watched the vehicle disappear around the curve. I continued in the direction they had come from. After several hours it was time to rest. My pod could contain four travelers. It resembled the cockpit of one of your small helicopters. But the capabilities it possessed gave it the operational comparison to a spaceship. However, it couldn’t attain the warp speed of my spaceship.
In the morning I continued my trek exploring your world. I decided to walk and slowly explore your world. Hiding my pod I continued my exploration. They passed directly in front of me. The two small brown creatures were sniffing and looking at things. They froze when they saw me. Then a huge brown creature appeared and stared at me with a mean gaze. She then let out a blood curdling growl and charged straight for me. Saliva was dripping from the large teeth. The eyes were intent on my destruction.
I reacted quickly engaging my force shield. It would envelope my body and protect me from harm. The creature hit the shield with a devastating blow. It knocked me several feet but my shield cushioned the attack. I stayed prone on the ground as the beast tried to claw and bite me. The creatures face was twisted and angry with the large teeth trying to penetrate. Its claws were trying to rip and tear me in a frenzy of anger. It was useless because the beast couldn’t penetrate the shield.
Finally the creature gave up and with the two younger ones ambled away. I stood up but kept my protection activated. Whew, that was ferocious. I wondered what other creatures existed.
Soon I had covered several miles discovering many different creatures. Then a strange small animal came into view. It saw me but didn’t scamper away. I thought that’s odd. It was small with two contrasting colors adorning its body. I ventured close to study this unusual colored beast.
I got closer and it raised its tail. I became engulfed in a noxious smell that wafted through my shield. I ran with determination to escape the beast. But the smell stayed with me and made me sick with its terrible stench.
This planet is full of surprises. I need to get rid of this foul odor. I came to a creek and jumped in hoping to get rid of the problem. The water was ice cold but it helped. I dried off and told myself to be more careful in my exploration.
I saw a dwelling and investigated.

The dwelling is in a clearing in the trees. It looked deserted so I got closer. Inside it looked lived in. It was built of logs. Entering through the door, the inside was fascinating. There were clothes and furniture in every room. The kitchen was bare and I guessed it was temporarily vacant.
The dwelling gave me information about your living have habits. I found reading materials in one room and sat in one of the chairs and started reading. Using deduction and reasoning I was able to figure out your system or alphabet. Your language was simple after I spent some time reading the different types of literature. One magazine had women in various provocative poses. I blushed at the raw nudity. We are more concerned with the spirit and the feelings from each other in my world. Sex is merely a reproductive procedure.
The clothing in another room yielded outfits to wear. I knew I needed to look like your inhabitants so that I would be inconspicuous. After reading the magazines and viewing the pictures I surmised that I looked like an earthling. A pair of jeans and a blue shirt would do. I attached my devices and used a backpack I found to carry the rest of my gear.
I left the cabin and continued my journey to a large city that was nearby. It was named Denver. There I would learn more about this planet.
I walked into Denver my eyes taking in everything. It was a residential district I entered. The dwellings were similar and tightly located next to each other. Some had fences that contained a small animal that would run toward me making a territorial sound. The yards were well manicured and decorated with rocks and other types of plants.
Walking up to one I stared at the animal. It started to wiggle its tail and quit the sound. I reached down over the fence and touched it. It seemed to enjoy the encounter.
Soon I came to a busy street that was larger than the streets around the dwellings and there were many transportation vehicles going in two different directions. I kept moving and came to a different type of structure that had signs and large clear glass openings in the front. People were entering and leaving these structures all the time.
I entered one and stood at the front. It was full of many different types of clothing. Your inhabitants were looking at the merchandise. Some took the clothing and walked through an isle then left. Later I learned that these were stores where your citizens purchased things they needed.
A person walked up to me and spoke. “Can I help you?” She adjusted her glasses and wrinkled her nose. I didn’t know what to say so I simply left the building. I tried different buildings and found unusual things in each place. As I walked the people would sometimes smile so I smiled back.
One building was filled with books on shelves. It was here that I would gain a better understanding about your planet. The library had computers which enabled me to learn even more. The clerk at the information desk gave me the once over looking over her glasses.
We use computers on my planet but they’re far superior to what you have. Using the computer I set up a bank account and got a credit card. Using my hacker skills I started with a 500,000 dollar balance. By manipulating the banks computers using my skills I even had a signed agreement and created a false identification.
I studied your language and how to speak. The history and the many cultures on your planet were diversified. One thing that stood out from my research is the violence and destruction caused by the people of your planet. However, I was impressed by the creativity and artistic qualities that were evident. The caring and love of many were clearly shown. It seemed like a constant battle between these two characteristics.
I spent several days in the library learning and thinking. I was looking forward to finding a human that I could confide in. I knew I had to be careful and selective. If I was exposed as an alien to the inhabitants of Earth it could be a disaster.
I would be careful.

It was a rundown neighborhood. Houses needed repair with unkempt yards. Some of the buildings had crude writings on the outside walls. It was late in the evening and the street lights with their harsh lights added to a feeling of danger.
Four rough looking men approached me. They stopped a few feet from me and one spoke.
“You lost whitebread?”
“What does whitebread mean?” They seemed aggressive as they stared at me with a definite meanness.
“Means we gonna kick ur ass!”
I wasn’t sure what he meant but I was sure he meant to harm me. “Why would you do that?”
“You on ar on turf homey and we kick youse.”
I didn’t respond and was thankful for the force shield that protected me. They all had strange markings on their arms and hands. Dressed in baggy jeans and shiny colorful jackets with baseball caps, they actually looked comical. The leader pointed at me with a slight smirk.
“We need ya money.”
I remained quiet waiting for something to happen. The talker pulled out a weapon and shifted on his feet.. He pushed a button and a six inch blade snapped from the body of the device. He pointed it at my stomach then said. “Now!” His face was full of aggression.
I crossed my arms in an act of defiance. He sensed my lack of fear and his anger increased. He thrust the knife at my mid-section. The blade hit my shield and caused his wrist to buckle. He looked at me, then the knife in complete confusion. “Wut da hell.” He said. The others stood there with the same expression.
He tried again with a cutting motion and the blade made a scraping sound against my protective covering. Determined he made a fist and delivered a punch to my stomach. The impact made him withdraw his fist and pain was expressed in his face.
I had enough excitement and decided to end this party. I grabbed my proton beam activator from my belt and sent the thug sailing ten feet hitting the pavement. The four departed in a dead run.
The next morning I looked for a place to inhabit. An apartment is what I needed. I entered the apartment office and the young lady greeted me. “Good morning, how can I help you?”
“Need apartment.”
“What are you looking for?”
She gave me a strange look. “Are you from the US?”
“No.” I was having trouble communicating.
We finally worked through my communication problems and I selected a furnished dwelling. I moved in and began my infiltration of your planet. I toured the complex to get familiarized with my headquarters. The complex had a swimming pool, club house, and exercise facility. After the tour I needed to get some appropriate clothing.
I went to a mall and bought some clothes for my vacation from my planet. Swimming gear, jeans, underwear, and assorted items I might need. I returned to my new home and changed into the swimming trunks. My destination was the apartment swimming pool.
The pool was occupied by a wide range of humans. I sat in a lounge chair to observe this past time. There was a few in the water swimming and playing. Three were lying on lounge chairs reading or just sleeping. A female sat down next to me and started to communicate.
She was attractive and seemed personable. “Hi, you’re new here?” She cocked her head to the side and her blonde curls shimmered in the sunlight. She had a book in her hand titled Lawyer Guide to Cross Exmination.
This was my first real contact with a human. “Yes, just moved in today.”
“I’m Shelly, welcome.”
“Thank you.” I remembered everyone said that a lot.
“Are you from Denver?’
“No.” I wasn’t sure of the normal responses yet. More to learn I thought.
“Where are you from?”
I had decided to invent a person that would explain my lack of social graces. “I was raised by a missionary family in South America.”
“Wow,that’s different, tell me more.”
“My parents were killed in a vicious storm and I was raised by the tribe.”
“That’s sad, sorry you lost your parents.”
“I left the tribe and came here to learn about America.”
“Then you’re new here in a big way?”
“Yes, I’m learning how to speak and how this culture functions.”
“I’d be glad to help if I can.”
“I would appreciate that.”
“What’s your name?”
“Zarukandee, Zark for short.”
“That’s different.” She raised her eyebrows.
“It’s my tribal name. I chose to use it since I’ve had it since an early age. Tell me about you.”
“I grew up in Denver. Got my law degree and I’m a prosecuting attorney. I’m single and enjoying my career.”
My first encounter went well. Now I had someone to help me understand this culture.
I’m looking forward to this.

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